My name is Alexey Moskovsky, I am the owner of the Ukravtoimport company.
In the automotive business since 2009. Car dealership "UKRAVTOIMPORT" was founded in 2014.
For 9 years, we have delivered more than 2,500 cars to Ukraine and have become partners with companies such as: UBER. Bogdan-Avto Ukraine, Autotrading Ukraine, UKLON, BOLT, ULF Finance, Oschadbank, Ukrgasbank, Privatbank, OTP, OTP-Leasing, LK "Hapai", BEST-leasing, and many more companies.
For wholesale purchases of cars, their delivery in batches, you can contact me personally through social networks.
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Our team consists of 15 specialists and qualified consultants in custom-made cars from anywhere in the world - the most common delivery destinations are the USA, China, Korea, Japan, Georgia, and the UAE. We independently organize the logistics process, thanks to which we have under control all stages from the purchase in the country of export to the issue and registration of the car in Ukraine "on a turnkey basis".
In addition to the fact that we supply cars to order, we have more than 100 vehicles in stock - which gives a large choice, the possibility of quickly closing the deal and opportunities, because we provide additional services such as CREDIT, LEASING, TRADE-IN, EXCHANGE, PURCHASE , CLEARANCE, INSURANCE, SERVICE, TE and so on.
Our car dealership is a trading organization from the Ministry of Internal Affairs register, and is officially registered as a VAT payer, importer of foreign trade, sub-dealer of several car brands, which gives us the opportunity to officially accept payments, working with both individuals and legal entities, as well as financial organizations, and to carry out direct registration of vehicles based on the purchase and sale contracts issued by us. Additional services such as "installment from the car dealership" allow the buyer to complete the entire transaction process within a few hours.
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We are looking for partners in Ukraine and abroad.
If you are interested in investing in or developing a business selling electric vehicles, we are ready to offer you excellent conditions, guaranteeing that you will earn, work at open prices and with optimal delivery times.
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